Bassface Sascha

Bassface Sascha


Bassface Sascha truly is the one Drum&Bass pioneer in Germany. Back in 1991 he caused germany’s first break-beat-hysteria in the Rhein-Neckar-area radiating from the milk!-club in Mannheim, which soon reached Frankfurt (the legendary XS-club) and the rest of Germany.

Since then he has been playing all around the globe and has become an essential part of big D&B and electronic music-events and festivals like Love Parade, Mayday, One Nation, Kings Of The Jungle, Meditation, Future, Nature One, Sun and Bass and many more. Clubwise he has played all over Germany and in various countries like Hungary, Canada, UK, Bulgaria, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Finnland, Belgium and many more!

Sascha’s sound as a D.J. reaches out to all ends of the D&B spectrum starting from Liquid and Deep D&B to Jump up over Neuro to Dancefloor. But over twenty five years of djing on the whole, the fact still remains: Sascha can boast his very own mixing-technique with 4 decks that still gives him a strong reputation as a sinister mixer and passionate selector.

Talking D&B productions he has also gone for the full fledged version: In 1994 Sascha founded Smokin‘ Drum Recordings as a platform for his own productions and upcoming artists. Early in 1997 Smokin‘ Drum was voted Germanys best D&B-label at the „Future Music Awards“- Sascha himself was voted best national producer and best national DJ in this genre. He could even defend his title in the following years till the present day. Ever since then Sascha kept striving for the right beats, breaks and basslines and is still going stronger than ever, reaching out for his album in 2015. He’s still deejaying every weekend and always has some serious dubplates in the studio pipeline and in his dj case.

Sascha did Remixes for Eminem and many other artists and had a huge hit with „International Sound“ in the U.K. 2013 was a year full of releases which were coming out on „Switch“, „Audio Danger“, „Hooverbass Records“, „Phantom Dub“ just to name a few. In 2015 Sascha produced the first single „Sound the Alarm“ with MC Navigators, which became a huge No1 hit on several international download platforms like Juno. And has been nominated and won Best Video at the North American D&B Awards. The remix package follow up also earned big success and went No1 again. Bassface Sascha and Feindsoul had been signed tracks to  , „Natty Dub“ , Pasco’s and Sly’s „Higher Stakes“ label, DJ Hybrids very own „Audio Addicts Record“ and to Ruffneck Ting.

Together with production partner DJ Phlex and singer MC Soultrain Sascha had a huge track called Whirlpool on Lion Dub International, a New York based label.The track was released in 2017 and came along with a massive video. Sascha also released a two tracker on Subway Soundz/Low Down Deep Englands number one label in 2017. A 4 track together with studio partners DJ Phlex and Feindsoul was released in June on Serial Killaz alongside another 4 track E.P. On Subway Soundz. Both releases were ranked No2 in the Beatport charts. In December Bassface Sascha joines forces with Berlin based label owner Feindsoul and produced the first release on his label Revolver Sounds which also saw a vinyl release.

Currently Sascha is working for the layout and sound design department of Frankfurt‘s public radio station YOU FM where his excellent producing skills are also in demand. Furthermore, Sascha composes sounds, FX’s and digital layout for the likes of MTV and other TV broadcasters and works as a lecturer for score-writing and motion picture music on the University of Mannheim/Germany. Having hosted Drum and Bass shows in various german radio stations (Evosonic Radio 1997-1999, Radio XXL 1998-2004, Outbreak, Clubnight YOU FM 2002-2006) and being a masterclass DJ he took  the next step and is currently hosting his radio show „Reload“ on the Evosonic Podcast.


1999 Different Faces – Mole Listening Pearls

The Trumpet / Vril 8 (Smokin‘ Drum)
Bassface Sascha / DJ Redoo – Crusher (Smokin‘ Drum)

Bassface Sascha Feat. DJ Spike – Special Teknique – Studio Gangstaz (Smokin‘ Drum)
The Trumpet Rmx – Fist Funk (Kickin‘ Underground Sound)
A Future Sound Of Music (Save The Vinyl, Save The Vinyl)

Big One – Answers (Smokin‘ Drum)
Far Out – Rare Roads (Smokin‘ Drum)

Perfect Day (Mole Listening Pearls)

Mad Vibes – Bassface Sascha & Viper – Come On / Ground Zero (Advanced Biosystems)

Taxidriver – Jonathan Baker & Bassface Sascha – Toytonic / Keep Going On / Dub Yo (Basswerk)

Stick Up / Dedication  (Biological Beats)

Bassface Sascha & Franksen – Wonderful World / I Really Love You  (Dance Rock)

Bassface Sascha & Franksen – See The Love / Take Over  (Beatalistics)
Camo & Decade – Bassface Sascha & Franksen – Never Say Ever / Promised Land (Sidechain Music)

Bassface Sascha – The Force – International Sound / The Story  (Stereotype)

Bassface Sascha – Concept & Shnek – Ambassadors 4 (From Amen To Z – Excerpt 1) ‎(Santorin)

International Sound VIP – End Of Line  (Stereotype)

Navigator Feat. Skarra Mucci, Bassface Sascha – Sound The Alarm Remixes (Liondub-ODT Muzik, LionDub International)
Navigator Feat. Skarra Mucci, Bassface Sascha – Sound The Alarm‎ (Liondub-ODT Muzik, LionDub International)
Navigator Feat. Skarra Mucci & Bassface Sascha – Sound The Alarm EP (Liondub-ODT Muzik, LionDub International)

Bassface Sascha & Feindsoul – Back To Basics ‎(Higher Stakes Recordings)

Bassface Sascha & Feindsoul – Bassface Sascha & Feindsoul – Saga ( Sub Zero Remixes)  (Original Key Records)
Bassface Sascha, DJ Phlex, Feindsoul, MC $pyda – Babylon Herbalist‎ (Serial Killaz)
Obey EP (Subway Soundz)

The Hardstep Upfront Jungle Compilation Vol. 1 ‎(Logic Records, BMG)

The Unreleased Dubplate Selection ‎(Smokin‘ Drum)

Machine vs. Smokin‘ Drum (Round One) (Smokin‘ Drum)

Jungle Fever Vol. One (The Jungalistic Revolution) (ZYX Music)

Jungle Fever Vol.Two ‎(ZYX Music)

The Smokin‘ Drum History Vol. 1. (A Work Of Art) ‎(Smokin‘ Drum)

Machine vs. Smokin‘ Drum (Round One) ‎(Smokin‘ Drum)

Smokin‘ Drum / Advanced Biosystems Special ‎(Cass, Mixed, C74) (Headquarter Entertapement)

Grasshopper / Drop Bass ‎(Hoover Bass Recordings)
Spinning Knives / Pain Relievers (Illusive Insight Digital)
Connecta & Bassface Sascha – Hale / Reunion ‎(Muzik Hertz)

Oh Lord // Futurama ‎(Phantom Dub Digital)

Bassface Sascha & Feindsoul – All You Need To Know / Retrograde ‎(Audio Addict Records)

Bassface Sascha & Feindsoul – Reach / Jungle Love ‎(Audio Addict Records)

Bulletproof Tank / Klonk ‎(Subway Soundz)
DJ Sly / Bassface Sascha & Feindsoul – 98 Style / Saga ‎(Original Key Records)